The only person

That’s getting in my way is me. Until I realize this I will always be behind…

Working on websites and illustrations. Got asked by an AIGA Houston chapter board member to work on a mask for an up coming event. Spent most of the day outlining it, doodling, and re-sketching it but its close to done. It will be a part of AIGA DESIGN WEEK 2013. Pretty pumped about it. Though what I made isn’t really highly refined or designed I really was able to flex my new illustration muscles.

Interview on Thursday. Pretty excited. Not going to say much other than I hope it works out.

Other than that: new iPhone on Friday, not waiting in line but I am getting one. Grand theft auto comes out tomorrow, also not waiting in line but ill wait till the PS4 version shows up somewhere.

End of personal thoughts. I drank too much coffee and I wanted to talk to myself without actually talking to myself…

Good night Internet.
(We never talk anymore, I missed you)

SPDORRIS 0.00 - Updated

I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I haven’t had the words worth putting down or stories intelligible to place on a page. Its not like i’m without stories its mostly to do with being busy.

A lot has happened in the last few months and it has become cause to a new entry in this aging blog. AT THE MOMENT: i’m learning to code different programs so that I can open a page on my personal website. I really just use tumblr to look at art now anyway. The last few years have become a curation of sappy melodramatic whiney posts about myself. My personal time was used up by school and work. No time to ponder a thought or talk about anything. 

Last sappy thing I want to talk about before I go. If you decide to read this. Why did you fall way from me. I know we were friends once but i really missed you in my life. I could see something change in you as we talked and everything i knew to be our friendship just faded away with each syllable. I know I’m no the person you want in your life, but I use to be.

Regards to you all, I’m feeling pretty positive about things. 

BIG MAJOR NEWS: coming soon. I’ll be updating literally everything and everyone as it comes out. (It’s pretty life changing)



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I’m hoping that I’ll get so depressed that I get happy again. Like a turning wheel. That should work, right?

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